Blue, Blue, Berry

In evaluating the cheapest method to fill the planters I made, I found out that making my own planter box soil was the best way to go. I purchased peat moss ($10/3 cubic ft), garden topsoil ($10/3 cubic ft), compost ($5/1 cubic ft), permiculite ($5), fertilizer ($5), pine mulch ($3).… Continue reading

Germinating a Garden

I’ve been preparing for my vegetable garden and have decided to start my garden from seed to save money and improve variety. I ordered seeds from a Pacific Northwest company, Territorialseed. The only items that I decided to order already planted were the asparagus crowns since asparagus takes a few… Continue reading

A Face, Glasses Make

It’s a battle with myself to get personal and health-related things accomplished because I am a master procrastinator — why this post is about 6 months late. In 2017, I… Went to the doctor and dermatologist. Check! Went to the dentist for a routine checkup (and cavities filled) after two… Continue reading

Vietnamese eggrolls

The holidays are right around the corner, and I have been craving some homemade, nostalgia-inducing Vietnamese food. One of my all time favorites is Vietnamese eggrolls — savory meat filled packets deepfried til golden brown. I’ll eat them with and without nuoc cham (Vietnamese fish dipping sauce), plain, or in… Continue reading