DIY: Cheap planter box ($25)

Since last week, I’ve caught up to speed on quite a few things. For instance, I live in growing zone 8; last frost is mid March; transplanting starts slightly before or after last frost, dependent on plant species; and making a planter box isn’t too hard for those lacking skill, … Continue reading

A Face, Glasses Make

It’s a battle with myself to get personal and health-related things accomplished because I am a master procrastinator — why this post is about 6 months late. In 2017, I… Went to the doctor and dermatologist. Check! Went to the dentist for a routine checkup (and cavities filled) after two … Continue reading

Vietnamese eggrolls

The holidays are right around the corner, and I have been craving some homemade, nostalgia-inducing Vietnamese food. One of my all time favorites is Vietnamese eggrolls — savory meat filled packets deepfried til golden brown. I’ll eat them with and without nuoc cham (Vietnamese fish dipping sauce), plain, or in … Continue reading