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Hello Hellow

1. I think I’m a workaholic.. I worked two 12 hour days straight this week. Feeling a bit worn out but luckily I don’t have much work to do this weekend. Recharging over the weekends is the best.
2. I am planning a Japan trip next spring/summer, and in anticipation, I have been watching lots of shows about Japan and Japanese culture, anime, and J-drama. Even attempting to learn Japanese!! Yes, I purchased a learn Hiragana and Katakana for beginners book. With my limited time, I haven’t accomplished much but it is a start.
3. I’m also attempting to learn basic python programming. Turns out, there are a bunch of online beginner tutorials. I’m working my way through the Code Academy now. I even did some basic programming in Open SCAD. Haha, soon I’ll become a computer scientist!
4. I voted in the Presidential election for the first time!!
5. The Presidential election turned out to be a bummer. What really bothered me was despite how contentious this election year was, the voter turnout was significantly lower than in 2012. Really America? I guess no one really cares whether or not a sociopath is President after all…
6. I’ve gotten interested in skincare products again. Will post about it later.
7. Buffet time at Salty’s! Apparently, it is the best buffet in Seattle with a bunch of seafood and other stuff. Pricey. Didn’t take enough photos to blog about it separately so I’ll share here.

BubbleButt isn’t helping with my studies.




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