Tempura Vegetables and Seafood

After feeling a wee disappointed in the store-bought pre-fried Cajun style turkey from QFC (flavor was okay but way too salty), I decided that I wanted to eat Japanese food. I am in somewhat of a Japanese phase right now with watch J-drama, anime, and online videos so I thought tempura sounded like a good idea. And it was a great idea.

I followed the instructions from the Kikkoman tempura batter mix to make the batter and heated the oil. I don’t have a thermometer so to gauge whether or not my oil is hot enough, I add a few drops of the batter in. If it instantly sizzles and bubbles, then it is done. The oil can get too hot though so be careful!


Then all you really need is to dip your veggies and seafood into the batter and deep fry. I choose a selection of sliced pumpkin, baby bella mushrooms, broccoli florets, sliced onions, and chunks of salmon and cod. A quick dusting with salt and pepper, and all the ingredients were ready to be dipped and fried. Salmon fries beautifully btw. To keep pieces crispy, I placed them on a rack for any excess oil to drip off.


To accompany the tempura, I quickly made rice and a simple broth for udon noodles. Nothing quite memorable as I have yet been able to replicate restaurant versions. I am not providing a recipe at this time since it is not as good as I hoped.


I had purchased some shucked oysters and figured this was the chance to make delicious fried oysters. Oysters are the best fried seafood in my opinion. Crispy, moist, and flavorful.

Instead of tempura coating them, I decided to panko coat them since panko helps retain all the oyster juices. Basically, I dredged them with flour, followed by a dip in an egg, and then crusted them with panko. After a quick fry, they came out amazingly! Yummy fried oysters.


So to recap, tempura vegetables and seafood is super easy to make. All you need is 1) tempura batter 2) oil. Just follow instructions on the tempura mix box and make sure your vegetables and seafood are dry.

Panko-crusted fried oysters are amazing and super easy to make as well. All you need is 1) flour 2) beaten egg 3) panko 4) oil. Wipe excess moisture from the oysters and dredge them slightly with flour. Quickly coat the flour-dredged oysters in the egg wash and coat with panko crumbs. Deep fry until golden brown. Simple!


Any tempura that I couldn’t finish, I refrigerated and then baked in the oven to reheat. For the most part, all the veggies were still crisp and delicious. So make a lot. It’s fun and easy.

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