It’s been too long…

Woah. I haven’t post anything for 3 months not because life has been boring or too stressful but because I’ve been quite busy. In this interim, I decided that blogging was extremely time consuming, especially if I try to keep my posts as formal as I have in the past. SO, basically, I’m going to write half-thoughts and witless material for my sole enjoyment and amusement.

What adventures have I traversed recently?

1. Jake and I trekked parts of the Olympic Peninsula on President’s Day weekend. We foolishly summited Mt Storm King while being out of shape and having little experience scrambling over loose rocks with only a rope for safety. But we made it…only to have a view worst than parts below. Regardless, I can now claim having reached a summit of a mountain and can cross it off my bucket list.

2. My lab/work group went cross country skiing in early March. It was the first time for me and Jake, but I was the only one who didn’t get the memo that rollerblading/ice skating skills don’t apply to skiing and fell often. Jake was skiing like pro until a small incident where the sole of his boot ripped off. After a short rest for fondue at the lodge/ski rental, Jake hit the slopes on new ski boots, and I had my first snowshoe outing. Lots of snow and fun.

3. London!! Bailin, Jake, and I spent 9 days in the London area, where we spent the majority of the time museum hopping – British Museum, British Natural History Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum, and the National Gallery – and castle hopping – Leeds Castle, Hampton Palace Court, Canterbury Cathedral, Kensington Palace, and the Tower of London. Somehow we also managed to attend two London plays: the Mousetrap and Wicked. All of the sights and sounds were fantastic, the food not so much. Fish and chips are overrated; traditional British food in general was bland with the exception of meat pies and English afternoon tea. The British make excellent meat pies. I might make a full post about this trip later, but in the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

4. My highschool friend Xue got married at the town hall in San Francisco the April 3rd. Marie-Claire, Anwesa, Sarah, and Guy all attended. Fun mini reunion.

5. Jake and I finally saw tulips at the Skagit Tulip Festival!! Last year, we went a weekend too late to find all the fields freshly plowed without a tulip in sight. This time around, we went a weekend too early but were able to see the daffodils and some tulip fields in bloom.

Traveling is fun, beautiful, but tiring…

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