The seed yet planted

I’m dreaming of a beautiful garden full of edibles and flowers but all I have is a water-logged lawn and no idea where to begin. Calm down, woman! That’s all I can really tell myself at this moment. I’m a complete newbie, but I do know that it’s just January in the Pacific Northwest; planting season isn’t for another two months or until after the last chance of frost. I think I have time…

Let’s begin inventorying what tools I have and what things I need to do to begin gardening. A mental, beginner’s checklist full of inadequacies and bad information.

Bic’s tools:

  1. Cultivator
  2. Spade
  3. Gloves
  4. Miracle Grow
  5. Watering can

Bic’s need list:

  1. Hoe
  2. Planter boxes
  3. Soil
  4. Fertilizer
  5. Seeds and indoor starting materials
  6. Plants

Alright. Being woefully unprepared just means you learn hard lessons. It will be a learning experience that may or may not lead to epic failure.

I’m going to begin this journey by setting some goals for the week and month. This weekend’s goal will be to acquire supplies to make two planter boxes. Let the challenge begin!


A Face, Glasses Make

It’s a battle with myself to get personal and health-related things accomplished because I am a master procrastinator — why this post is about 6 months late.

In 2017, I…
Went to the doctor and dermatologist. Check!
Went to the dentist for a routine checkup (and cavities filled) after two years. Check!
Got new glasses after two years. Check!!
Bought a house! CRAZY CHECK!
Let’s celebrate my adult achievements with some fun photos of all the glasses I tried on!

Pupils dilated, plastic sunglasses to block the sun. #VampiricEyes

Hoping 2018 is a more productive year for me!

It’s been too long…

Woah. I haven’t post anything for 3 months not because life has been boring or too stressful but because I’ve been quite busy. In this interim, I decided that blogging was extremely time consuming, especially if I try to keep my posts as formal as I have in the past. SO, basically, I’m going to write half-thoughts and witless material for my sole enjoyment and amusement.

What adventures have I traversed recently?

1. Jake and I trekked parts of the Olympic Peninsula on President’s Day weekend. We foolishly summited Mt Storm King while being out of shape and having little experience scrambling over loose rocks with only a rope for safety. But we made it…only to have a view worst than parts below. Regardless, I can now claim having reached a summit of a mountain and can cross it off my bucket list.

2. My lab/work group went cross country skiing in early March. It was the first time for me and Jake, but I was the only one who didn’t get the memo that rollerblading/ice skating skills don’t apply to skiing and fell often. Jake was skiing like pro until a small incident where the sole of his boot ripped off. After a short rest for fondue at the lodge/ski rental, Jake hit the slopes on new ski boots, and I had my first snowshoe outing. Lots of snow and fun.

3. London!! Bailin, Jake, and I spent 9 days in the London area, where we spent the majority of the time museum hopping – British Museum, British Natural History Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum, and the National Gallery – and castle hopping – Leeds Castle, Hampton Palace Court, Canterbury Cathedral, Kensington Palace, and the Tower of London. Somehow we also managed to attend two London plays: the Mousetrap and Wicked. All of the sights and sounds were fantastic, the food not so much. Fish and chips are overrated; traditional British food in general was bland with the exception of meat pies and English afternoon tea. The British make excellent meat pies. I might make a full post about this trip later, but in the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

4. My highschool friend Xue got married at the town hall in San Francisco the April 3rd. Marie-Claire, Anwesa, Sarah, and Guy all attended. Fun mini reunion.

5. Jake and I finally saw tulips at the Skagit Tulip Festival!! Last year, we went a weekend too late to find all the fields freshly plowed without a tulip in sight. This time around, we went a weekend too early but were able to see the daffodils and some tulip fields in bloom.

Traveling is fun, beautiful, but tiring…

Never too much learning

Hello Hellow

1. I think I’m a workaholic.. I worked two 12 hour days straight this week. Feeling a bit worn out but luckily I don’t have much work to do this weekend. Recharging over the weekends is the best.
2. I am planning a Japan trip next spring/summer, and in anticipation, I have been watching lots of shows about Japan and Japanese culture, anime, and J-drama. Even attempting to learn Japanese!! Yes, I purchased a learn Hiragana and Katakana for beginners book. With my limited time, I haven’t accomplished much but it is a start.
3. I’m also attempting to learn basic python programming. Turns out, there are a bunch of online beginner tutorials. I’m working my way through the Code Academy now. I even did some basic programming in Open SCAD. Haha, soon I’ll become a computer scientist!
4. I voted in the Presidential election for the first time!!
5. The Presidential election turned out to be a bummer. What really bothered me was despite how contentious this election year was, the voter turnout was significantly lower than in 2012. Really America? I guess no one really cares whether or not a sociopath is President after all…
6. I’ve gotten interested in skincare products again. Will post about it later.
7. Buffet time at Salty’s! Apparently, it is the best buffet in Seattle with a bunch of seafood and other stuff. Pricey. Didn’t take enough photos to blog about it separately so I’ll share here.

BubbleButt isn’t helping with my studies.




What’s in my belly…

My weeks have been a blur recently, and I can’t believe it is already September. Where did my summer go? Crisp fall weather strolling in; almost time for hot beverages other than morning coffee.

I barely remember any foods that I’ve eaten except for a few dishes that I either just had — homemade Taiwanese dumplings with Lee and Sharon — or delicious homemade hotpots with Lee and Sharon. Apparently, my most memorable food adventures are will Lee and Sharon.

Hotpots – soo yummy


Pho (one of Jake’s favorite Vietnamese soups)


and of course, lots and lots of different seafood

such as our 4 lb lobster


shrimp pasta




and clam chowder and dumplings not pictured.

Yummy tummys.

What’s in my belly…

It’s been busy in Seattle!
1. Between my job and traveling and gaming habits, I haven’t updated my blog in so long. I’m currently moving into a townhouse after 6 months of subletting a room…so I’ve been dealing with unpacking and realizing how much stuff I have. Turns out I have too much birdstuff…(who woulda thought?) and not enough board games.
2. The birds are here! They be chirpin and sqwakin all day long. Luckily, the neighbors told me that they heard no noise through the walls! Yay for sound insulation!
3. This weekend has all been out exploring the neighborhood as well. I’ve never lived in a place with a walk score of 89 so it’s super convenient to walk everywhere. Which means I need to get into shape over this summer. The plan is bike around the lake later this afternoon.
4. I’ve been eating too well and have gained some weight! Seattle seafood is amazing! Oysters = yum.

Without further ado:

Oysters, mussels, clams (can eat all day long)
collage-2016-06-05 (1)

Bruschetta, steak, calamari, and clam chowder

collage-2016-06-05 (2)

More seafood!!!

collage-2016-06-05 (3)

And finally some homemade bun rieu — the best I’ve made so far


Weekly Start

What’s up with me?

This week:
1. Work has been stressful! When isn’t it?
2. I only ate one chocolate chip cookie from Metropolitan Market. Last week, I had like 4. They are amazing cookies…my new weakness, and I don’t even love sweets.
3. I’ve been following the Esports League of Legends North American championships and enjoy watching the Immortals. However, I’m unsure if I really like how the teams are managed and funded. I realize that spots on the championship league have to be purchased, but all the professional teams appear to lack personality to me.
4. My roommate seems nice. We have offset work schedules so I rarely get to see him.
5. I’m thinking about buying equipment to cut bulk wood for my parrots. Speaking of parrots, oh how I miss them. It’s been over 2 months since I’ve seen them. Will Chaucer even recognize me?
6. I purchased a rain jacket online and am waiting for it to arrive. My wardrobe attire is unsuitable for rainy drizzle. Hope it fits.
7. For living in Seattle, I don’t eat enough seafood. I should increase my consumption of fresh salmon, clams, mussels, and crab. On a side note, I’m beginning to enjoy clam chowder and am willingly to eat the potatoes in it. Delicious clam chowder in the Pacific Northwest.