Portland, OR 2016 and Mt St Helen’s

I am soo behind on my blog…

Jake and I hopped onto I5 on a late September Friday and headed for the outlet malls in Portland, OR. The drive was dark and surprisingly difficult on the eyes. (See grumpy Jake below.)We ended up staying in a Hilton on the edge of the state lines between Washington and Oregon and only made excursions into Portland to shop or eat.


Portland can be described as the-not-as-cool-flannel-forestry-sister-city to Seattle. Too many people wear flannel; I’m not exaggerating. They love flannel so much that it rubbed off on us, and we bought some flannel shirts as well. Portland also has great food. We ate at the befittingly named Jake’s Grill and had an oyster omelette (amazing) and dungess crab eggs benedict (good but the hollandaise sauce overpowered the crab). Jake and I didn’t have time to try the neat food truck city in the middle of downtown as we decided to head out immediately after brunch. Turns out, we don’t like visiting cities.


And instead, we decided to visit Mount St. Helen’s National Park. We drove to the park entrance where Jake had a hissy fit because the mountain was another 9o miles from the park entrance, drove back to the interstate where Jake decided that it was worth the drive and crucially where we refilled on chicken strips, and headed back up the route. It was quite a scenic drive.


And we got to see the mountain! Most of the felled trees had rotted away so the mountain was pretty bare, though it did highlight the crevices caused by the resulting landslide after the initial volcanic eruption. The ridge on which the visitor center is located acted like a divide between dead volcanic earth and lush, fertile grounds where grass and trees grow.


It was a fantastic weekend trip with some urban experiences and random scenic hiking. Perfect excursions in the Pacific Northwest. (Also Jake was pleasantly pleased with Mt St. Helen’s. Next stop, Mt Rainier:)