Beef: It’s what’s for dinner

Marbled Melt-in-Your-Mouth Meat

I went to my favorite Japanese supermarket, Owajimaya, to buy ingredients for some Asian meals. Let me say that this grocery store sells some pretty nice meat, nice expensive things in general. I’ve been really good at resisting the temptation to buy the nice beef but decided to splurge this time…I mean it was really for poor Jake who was stuck at home eating frozen dinners while I was working in Europe. ;0


Look at these pieces of beef! Look at the glorious fat! I bought 1/2 lbs for $15 and cooked it simply with salt and pepper. It was the most tender piece of meat I’ve ever eaten. I wouldn’t consider it the best since it was already cut into individual strips and couldn’t be cooked as a normal steak, but it was definitely tender and delicious.


Was it absolutely worth the price tag? Resounding YES! Would I buy it again? Yes but not now. It’s too decadent for a daily/weekly/monthly indulgence. It’s best for special occasions or else I would be spoiled. It has been feeding my obsession with visiting Japan and trying Kobe and other Japanese beef. Yummy beef. I love delicious food.

Flank Steak Pinwheels Stuffed with Roasted Tomatoes

Steak Wheels

I tried this recipe this weekend, and it turned out delicious so I figured that I would share. I paired it with a sliced, loaded baked potato.

Flank steak (butterflied)
Roasted tomatoes
Monterey cheese
Steak seasoning
Salt & Pepper

Butterflying a flank steak sounds fancy but in reality is quite trivial. Basically, it means cut it along the grain without slicing completely through, keeping the two halves still connected.

For the tomatoes, I sliced roma tomatoes in half, covered them with olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and crushed rosemary, and roasted in the oven for roughly 1 hour at 300°C or until they caramelized.



I seasoned the steak and added the first row of tomatoes, cheese, and spinach. Then I rolled the steak over the ingredients and added a second row of tomatoes, cheese, and spinach, and repeated. I used bamboo skewers (6) to hold the steak roll in place, spacing them evenly so it was easier to cut.


The pinwheels were sliced, seasoned again, placed on a roasting rack, and baked for roughly 20-30 minutes at 350°C.


This was extremely simple to make and turned out delicious. The pinwheels look fabulous plated because they look like a little steak package. Bon appetit!