Beef: It’s what’s for dinner

Marbled Melt-in-Your-Mouth Meat

I went to my favorite Japanese supermarket, Owajimaya, to buy ingredients for some Asian meals. Let me say that this grocery store sells some pretty nice meat, nice expensive things in general. I’ve been really good at resisting the temptation to buy the nice beef but decided to splurge this time…I mean it was really for poor Jake who was stuck at home eating frozen dinners while I was working in Europe. ;0


Look at these pieces of beef! Look at the glorious fat! I bought 1/2 lbs for $15 and cooked it simply with salt and pepper. It was the most tender piece of meat I’ve ever eaten. I wouldn’t consider it the best since it was already cut into individual strips and couldn’t be cooked as a normal steak, but it was definitely tender and delicious.


Was it absolutely worth the price tag? Resounding YES! Would I buy it again? Yes but not now. It’s too decadent for a daily/weekly/monthly indulgence. It’s best for special occasions or else I would be spoiled. It has been feeding my obsession with visiting Japan and trying Kobe and other Japanese beef. Yummy beef. I love delicious food.

What’s in my belly…

My weeks have been a blur recently, and I can’t believe it is already September. Where did my summer go? Crisp fall weather strolling in; almost time for hot beverages other than morning coffee.

I barely remember any foods that I’ve eaten except for a few dishes that I either just had — homemade Taiwanese dumplings with Lee and Sharon — or delicious homemade hotpots with Lee and Sharon. Apparently, my most memorable food adventures are will Lee and Sharon.

Hotpots – soo yummy


Pho (one of Jake’s favorite Vietnamese soups)


and of course, lots and lots of different seafood

such as our 4 lb lobster


shrimp pasta




and clam chowder and dumplings not pictured.

Yummy tummys.

This Week in Food (August 16-23, 2015)


I recently decided to try a vegan diet for a week, in part because I enjoy torture and was bored. Also¬†for health reasons since¬†dairy and lactose-intolerance don’t mix well. Vegan seemed the obvious choice. Go big or go home.

So let me state how difficult it is to find any prepared food that is vegan…milk, butter, eggs, etc. are prevalent everywhere. This meant I had to cook or prepare a lot of my own meals, which meant healthier and colorful meals. Basically, I ate a lot of vegetables and had no limit to the quantity I could eat. For protein, I added tofu and meat substitutes such as Gardien meatless products….and NO, don’t expect them to taste like meat because you will be disappointed. Expect them to be delicious non-meat products! That’s the mindset you need to have.

For a special treat, I ate dinner at a vegan Vietnamese place. I had a Vietnamese sandwich and a lemongrass non-chicken (seitan) noodle dish. It was delicious and would have been a 10 if there had been meat. (Yes, I really enjoy meat.)

Final comments: going Vegan was a fun challenge. I didn’t feel as bloated as normal and felt that I was eating a healthy mixture of vegetables and fruit and protein. It was nice to have vegetables as your main course. But meatless meat is expensive, and I felt too restricted in this diet. I think tweaking this diet to include meat would be absolutely perfect…

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